Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The problem of evil.

Primeval man is a spiritual sea creature, who inhabits a vast ocean of light which suffuses him and every thing about him, and through which, weightless, he may effortlessly propel himself in any direction. Impatient with the promise of an ever intensifying light, he demands to see the source. A helpful friend pointing him to the surface, swimming up and clambering to shore he encounters the mountain and discovers far above the burning ball in the sky, the source. Here, although gravity crushes his bones and grinds his joints, and each step cuts his feet, feeling himself more exalted the closer he comes to the source, he climbs the mountain and struggles with his fellow man to reach it. But it is not the source; it is only a sign to remind him of the true light in the sea toward which every crushing blow and humiliating defeat seems to drag him back. The water now appears black, but deep inside he comes to recognize the way back to the light, if there is any way, is to consent to drown in darkness. Deep inside is the notion; as deep and as sure as the notion of home.

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