Friday, September 07, 2007

Moral Ambiguity on Hogwarts Grounds, distilled

Tom: (knock knock)

[Dick (Rubeus) opens door]

Tom: I'm here to kill Harry. Is he here unarmed and huddled in that corner under an invisibility cloak?

Dick: Is who here? Harry?

Tom: Yes Harry! Is Harry here unarmed and huddled in that corner? [points]

Dick: No.


Foxfier said...


You have an odd sense of humor.


But odd.


cricket said...


Lovely to hear from you. Your comment forces a rare personal self-examination out of me: I'm literally a degenerate, poor as dirt, incompetent and impotent, selfish as all get out, both miserly and miserable (and I'm still keeping my dark side hidden);

But if I can force a single drop of milk to pass through a single nostril, all will be roses. I guess Delightful. But odd. means this one didn't quite cut it, eh?

Oh well, back to the drawing board.

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