Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Kerfuffilay at York U

People have been saying that the most jaw-dropping statement in the story is this one:

"It would be equivalent to having a debate over whether or not you can beat your wife," Ms. Holloway said.

But, honestly, I have to agree with her. In fact, I've noticed before that nearly all the excellent arguments in favor of freedom of choice in abortion could equally validly be used to support freedom of choice in wife beating:

Stop forcing on me your religious beliefs that tell you women are equally as important as men.

If you're against wife beating, just don't beat y
our wife, .

The decision to beat his wife is one of the most difficult, private choices that a man must make. It should not be left to some politician or bureaucrat in Washington or Ottawa.

Get your rosaries off my belt.

... and the like


Foxfier said...

But...but... iz teh worng anzer!!!1!11one!


Yeah. Amazing how flat-out murder can't be logically discussed, yet some folks are willing to chat on Shiara law, eh?

cricket said...

Please don't chat about Shariah in my comment box, ffs.

Thank you.

Foxfier said...

I shan't.

Anonymous said...

It isn't about whether it is right or wrong to beat your wife. It is about whether the State has a right to intervene in wife-beating.

cricket said...


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