Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My letter to the Free Press.

If supporters of the Canadian Museum of Human Rights are having qualms about building over hypothetical ancient graves they should be many times more deeply ashamed building it on the graves of the very real 100,000 aborted children per year. The notion of any such thing as human rights in Canada is only a sad joke until the humanity of the innocent unborn is addressed.


Gary Keith Chesterton said...

cricket! I see no one is still commenting on your bog! I mean blog! Could it be because of the 100% Canadian content?

cricket said...

No, sorry, GK. I explained already why no one comments. It's because no one reads it. This is important to me, since it frees people to leave personal (banking) info, intimate thoughts and incredibly stupid comments in the com-boxes without being exposed to unwanted attacks or ridicule.

In fact your comment supports my statement that no one reads the blog. If you had been reading you'd have realized that the previous post was about an American president and the one before about a Spanish film.

Gary Keith Chesterton said...

Very clever, cricket, except for one obvious fallacy. The two posts were about an American president and a Spanish film...from a Canadian perspective.

I do, however, very much appreciate that you have arranged to protect me from unwanted attacks or ridicule.

cricket said...

I highly object to this characterization, G. The letter to the Press was explicitly written from an American perspective, the review of Volver from a French and the LGBT Deadly Sins post I purposely wrote with a Martian slant. Even if a little of my innate Canadian-ism seeped in without my awareness that would hardly be a reason for the dearth of comments in my boxes.

Gary Keith Chesterton said...

Blast you, cricket! All right, you win this round.

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