Friday, April 27, 2007

My Fruitful Email Exchange with Adolfo Continues (scroll down to the comments for the beginning)

wherein he tries to save my soul.

To my last missive Adolfo has replied:
Subject: Re: Adolfo, I think I'm in love with you.

Of course you's a natural reaction to meeting me.

Trust me, I understand your posts. Some are quite funny, others miss the mark. Many times, however, they remind me of someone who's just talking to hear himself talk.

In any case, hope being a smart ass is working for you in life. I have found that the endearing quality it first engenders sours very quickly.

God bless,

I think this first line, "Of course you are..." is very sweet so I didn't say anything about it. But I was nastier in my email reply--I mean more an ass (ah, still a long way to go):

Adolfo, my beamish boy:

"Trust me, I understand..." Not always, apparently. The "trust me" assurance doesn't engender confidence. Do you worry about the sin of pride? I do: all the time.

"...just talking to hear himself talk..." Really! That describes almost all the commenters on Mark's blog. At least I'm terse.

"I have found..." Ah. You were once a smart ass like me. I get it. Maybe one day I'll be like you and save Mark's combox readers (and the world) from people like me.

a cricket

I think A will probably be tired of it all and not respond again, but if he does, I'm still having fun. Who knows? Maybe he'll cure me.

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