Saturday, November 11, 2006

Leaving Las Vegas

Virginia may be for lovers; I'd say it's a matter of opinion. And while some may disagree, I say what's not to about NY? Yea, if anyone (smaller than me) says that Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan isn't the "Gateway to Pure Air and Water", I'll drop 'em.

Nope, the only city that hangs it's tourism hat on a pure bare-faced lie is Las Vegas. Their slogan "What happens here, stays here", though more than six years old now, has reappeared in recent TV commercials, and with the blossoming of that Amorphophallus titanum known as the World Wide Web (www for short), it has never been less true.

Other commentators have bemoaned the way the slogan seems to promote naughty behavior. I take issue with its sheer mendacity. The ways in which what happens in Las Vegas leaves Las Vegas are legion. What doesn't leave on video flash memory or on Internet accessible court documents, might nonetheless leave in a deep shame burning behind the eyes when it pokes up out of the unconscious in the minutes between sleep and waking some early mornings. And what doesn't leave Las Vegas in the form of tiny malevolent bacteria living in the soft moist tissues around the genitals, will most assuredly leave on the soul, for better or worse.

The final and weakest beat of the the wing of the tiniest butterfly dying in the gutter next to the service entrance of the Bellagio...

leaves Las Vegas.

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